Keita YASUKAWA  /  安川 啓太

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1977.
In 1999, Keita Yasukawa set off on a two-year journey through Asia to Europe.
This extraordinary journey experience triggered his interest in photography and led him to London where he pursued photography at a higher level.
2001-2009, based in London.
Currently based in Tokyo.
He divides his time between working on personal projects and shooting for national, international magazines, media, advertisements.
In 2014, his first solo exhibition ‘Cranespotting’ was held by Canon Japan.

1977年 東京生まれ。
2001-2009年 ロンドン
受賞歴に London Photographic Association Documentary Award, Best Urban Landscape(UK), IPA, PX3, LICC その他。

He states "I believe that photography is absolutely limit-free and there is neither right nor wrong, and also that a strong photographic image has a hint(s) of these three issues: Politics, Religion or Sex."